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A recent survey of the Baby Boomer generation showed that their highest concern as they age, is not wanting to lose their mental capacity as they grow older.

Let’s face it. As you’ve aged, your mind doesn’t perform like it used to. The speed that your brain processes information plays a key role in your life. Memory, attention, organization and stamina are also important. Your brain is a muscle and responds to strengthening and conditioning just like any other muscle in your body. Like other muscles in your body, if it doesn’t get exercise, it gets out of shape.

Some of the signs you might notice are:

  • Feeling Overwhelmed
  • Frustrated
  • Being Forgetful
  • Being Easily Distracted
  • Stress



By the time people reach 45 to 50, the nerve cells in the brain are weak from exhaustion and fatigue.

That makes them succumb to anxiety, depression and Alzheimer’s dementia. Dementia and other mental illnesses which can be slowed if people would give importance to brain fitness.

OPTIMINDS Brain fitness programs take brain performance to new levels by strengthening nerve cells, plus improving cognitive and concentration power. This helps you to get your life back so you can start living again.


You’ve given to others your entire life. Isn’t it time you gave something this important to yourself? Do it for yourself. Do it for your family. You’re worth it.

“What a concept. A mental gym to keep your brain in shape.”- Senior Citizen

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"Dr. Jane,

         I wanted to thank you and your staff for all the positive progress. For years we have tried to find the right help for understanding math and developing better study habits. We were not getting the right results until we found you. I had began to think my son would never get a clear understanding of math but I see that he is finally "getting it." It shows in his test results. He spent years saying "I just dont get it" and now I see that confidence being rebuilt and it makes my heart glad to know how he must feel in the classroom. You and your staff have been a true blessing to our family. Thank you for taking noticeable interest in our son and caring about his future." --parents of Division One football recruit.