College Counseling Workshops

Overwhelmed with all the College requirements? Need help in navigating your College search? Applying for Scholarships? Prepraring for SAT and test taking? Optiminds is here to help you get organized and get admitted to the College of your choice. From filling out Applications to Essay Writing we are a phone call away.

College Counseling:

Parent/Student Workshops:

  • Finding the right colleges
  • Essay writing
  • Resume writing
  • Applications
  • Organizational tools
  • Individual Sessions
  • Test Taking
  • College Search
  • Scholarship Help
  • Time Management Skills
  • Speed Reading


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Jane Stewart Ph.D.
(248) 496-0150


Optiminds, Inc. is a Non-Profit Service.  Our individualized tutoring is a better 
price than online tutors.  Our prices can be lower because we care 
about kids not profits! Call Optiminds at 248-496-0150 
Optiminds Now Offers Convenient Online Tutoring!

Optiminds offers Customized Programs Incorporating Mental Exercises, Visualization and Computerized Drills.
A huge part of my business is making sure kids get scholarships for college--following NCAA rules and the NCAA clearing house guidelines.--Dr. Stewart


29688 Telegraph Rd.,
Southfield, MI 48073

Phone: 248-496-0150

"Dr. Jane,

         I wanted to thank you and your staff for all the positive progress. For years we have tried to find the right help for understanding math and developing better study habits. We were not getting the right results until we found you. I had began to think my son would never get a clear understanding of math but I see that he is finally "getting it." It shows in his test results. He spent years saying "I just dont get it" and now I see that confidence being rebuilt and it makes my heart glad to know how he must feel in the classroom. You and your staff have been a true blessing to our family. Thank you for taking noticeable interest in our son and caring about his future." --parents of Division One football recruit.